Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's Going On at My House

A quick update on Funoldhag.  I contine to get stronger and am working hard at it.  My day goes by so quickly with lots of things to do such as exercise, a little housekeeping, everyday paperwork, etc., etc.  Also a nurse comes every so often and a physical therapist.  All that is what will get me back in the world!!

Sherry wanted to know this morning if I wanted to work as a team on a big pan of veggie soup!!  Wow, yes, I do!  That sounds so good  We will do that Sunday.  That soup will be like money in the bank for all of us!!

 Today she will get my laundry and groceries.  Have been doing well in the food department and am eating so much better than I did!!!  Can you believe I haven't had hardly any ice cream?  Attagirl, Carol!

Now I have some checks to write so will sign off here.  Hope you all have a good weekend.  It's going to be a much milder day here today than we have had.  Cold weather will be back late next week, I guess, maybe hopefully for the last time.  What weird weather!

See you later!!!  Carol

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