Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Visit to the Doctor

Yesterday I went to see my doctor and came away feeling good at what he told me.  I can actually do away with the oxygen in the daytime but will stay on it at night.  That is what I had been doing for the last couple of years and it's god to get back to that.  Naturally, I will keep monitoring my levels but this is such a good stgep forward.  I will be going to see the kidney specialist in March and we will see what he has to say, also. I really like my doctor - he is yhoung (cute, too) and spends time explaining things without being in a hurry to get away.  Will keep on with my exercises and doing what I am supposed to be doing and continue to get myh strength back.  Think I will start doing a couple of stairsteps a day up and down and work on that gradually.  

Still waiting for the weather to moderate and this bitter cold to go away.  It will eventually, I am sure.  We need a January thaw in February!!  Don't know that we had one in January!

Stay warm!!!!  Spring will come one of these days!!!!

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