Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cold, but Sun is Shining

That's really an improvement!!  Looking out and seeing the sun is a very nice change.  All is going well here at my house.  I am doing my exercises and did a little housewalking today.  Yesterday, I got out for a while to go give blood.  My son-in-law took me - then I had him stop at the DQ and I had myself a nice chocolate malt!!  How about that?  Tasted yummy!  Drank about half of it yesterday then froze it and did away with the rest today.  Love those things but don't have one vey often.

Certainly in need of a haircut!  Sherry was going to check with the girl we go to today when she has her hair done and see if she can get me in on Monday which Sher has off.  Really look like an oldhag!  

When I came in the front door yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised that that last step was so much easier than it had been the last time.  Guess those exercises are paying off.  Today has been a rather quiet one with no nurses or physical therapists coming in.  That is about to wind up anyway, I think.  I am hoping when the weather moderates (it is bound to ;one of these days) that I will be able to make one of our Sit and Sews and other outings.  The only bugaboo is the oxygen tank but that lasts for about four hours I think so that should take care of most outings for me.

On my menu tonight is another bowl of our veggie soup!!  Gets better by the day.  I froze two servings in ziplock bags and that worked out well.   For tomorrow night, I have some of Sher's good lasagna thawing in the fridge and I'll make a lettuc salad to go with it.  Eating pretty darned good, I would say!

See you later!!  Carol

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