Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Home for Almost a Week Now

I am sorry I have not posted anything else since I have been home.  I am doing well and seems like I am keeping busy getting caught up on things and with visits from home care, etc.  So happy to say that I am able to completely take personal care of myself and to do odds and ends around home.  I have a shower seat  in the bathtub and take a "bath" that way.  Miss sitting in the deep warm water of my tub but that won't happen anymore.  Everything changes, doesn't it?   And we have to accept that fact.   Naturally, I am also no speed demon and take timeouts to rejuvenate.  So will take it slow and steady!  I see my family doctor today and am anxious to talk to him.  Lots of questions to ask.

News on the greatgrandchild front--Annie's little baby brother is due within the next week.  Henry and Lauren are thriving.  Henry has gone skiing with his daddy a couple of times.  He will be a skier for sure.  Lauren is walking all over the place and such a happy little girl.

My daughter, Sherry, and her Barc have been taking such good care of  me.   I love and appreciate them like you can't believe!  And I am so thankful to all who have made comments, sent cards, have me in your thoughts and prayers.  It means so much.  I have also had some yummy food brought in and thanks so much for that.  There is one soup that was super delicious  that I wish I had the recipe for.  It came with chocolate cookies!

Later on have some long posts to write and want to get back to putting in some pictures, too, so you have something to look at!!   We need color in our lives!


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