Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sun's Out

Looks a lot nicer outside with the sun shining!!  Hope it continues to shine today as that makes things look so much brighter.  All  is well at my house.  I am feeling good and getting along a-okay.  In about a month now, it will be spring!!  And we are still due for our January thaw so maybe that will come in March, too.

Little Turner will be a whole week old today!  I'm sure they are settling into a routine - sort of - out there in Portland with the new little family member.  There have been some cute pictures come through of the two sweetie pies in Denver, also.  Will have to go back through the texts and put the pictures where I can get them into a post.   Have been kind of lazy about doing that lately.  A little case of the winter blahs, maybe.  I am sure we are all afflicted with that to some extent.

Hope the sun shines on you, too!!!!

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