Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hi from Funoldhag!

 For some reason or other, I have not been posting to this blog regularly as in the past!  The other night when I went to our guild meeting, several of the girls gently chided me on that fact and I have also had e-mails from some of the nice people who follow my blog.  Firt of all, it makes me feel so good that people actually read what I write and I thank them for that.  Next, I am doing great after the bout last winter--feeling like my old self and not having any problems.  It's a fact that I don't get as much done as I used to, but creeping up on 87 explains that.   I feel blessed that I can do what I do at this age!!!

All is actually going very well.  Would post some new pictures of my little greatgrandbabies but cannot bring pictures into this form and will do it from another one soon.  They are growing and cute as buttons, of course.

Things are finally turning very green here in Michigan.  The grass greened up earlier but the trees and bushes are just not showing green so really looking like springtime.  Think everyone is ready for it to arrive.

Will try not to wait so long between posts!!!  Good wishes to all of you out there!!