Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Knew

And I thought ice cream was for lunch!  This neat old ad is from a blog I have listed on my sidebar -
If you are into vintage pictures, magazines, advertising, you will probably love looking around on this one.  There is a list on it's sidebar of all the different categories and also ads by the different decades.  A fun place for those of us who love the old stuff. 

Last evening when I went to my blog, the background was gone.  Could not even get to the blog where I found it.  So I did some looking around and found a new background at and used a new picture in the header.   This morning, I went to the old website and it is back.  Think I will stay with this one for a spell as it's bright and cheery.  Later will search out another cute one for the holidays.  Lots and lots of cute backgrounds out there.   So much great stuff on the internet.   Here are some from the board I have for Buttons  on my Pinterest page. 

 How cool is this?

 I really love covered buttons. 
This would be very time consuming and you would need tons of buttons but it is just gorgeous.
(Click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

I love your crochet following!

Stop by if you like, I'm hosting a novel giveaway.
Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina

Jewels said...

Heh Carol not so sure about the ice cream with cream of wheat (hmmm). Love the new banner and background - may be you can find something for our other blog! J

Pokey said...

Cute ideas, you have me wondering where my buttons are...!